Supporting independent butchers

The aim of this site is to provide in one place details or links to events or awards which butchers can attend or enter. The results from which can result in increased footfall and sales. Pate.jpg

For example, a number of events are run by industry associations or magazines where products can be evaluated resulting in a Certificate or Award, or there are a number of butchery display or knife skills competitions, for the younger generation.

This site is not supported by any of the meat trade organisations and is independently run therefore I am happy to feature events from all areas of the trade such as trade bodies or organisations, the trade press or regionally run awards.

If you or your organisation would like to be featured here, please email providing all the details, any links or images and a point of contact.

Previously I worked for MLC, BPEX & AHDB Pork for 20 years within trade and consumer marketing, looking after promotional activity for the independent trade. I am a firm supporter of our great nations butchers, and therefore willing to help promote their expertise and knowledge.

Previously I have run and organised events such as the Bpex Roadshows and British Sausage Week, so am highly experienced in this field.  If you wish to run your own event and require support, want a list of credible judges or just some general top tips, please do get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss with you how I can help.

Many thanks


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