Award Winning High St Butcher – have you got one?

Walter Rose & SonWilde Food Education Masterclasses always endeavour to source ingredients from local food producers. So it was with great delight that they recently heard their local butcher, Walter Rose & Son in Devizes, had been awarded a prestigious trade accolade – Butchers Shop of the Year 2016.

Organised by the Meat Trades Journal, they stated ‘It was the consistent raising of standards that won it for them’ adding , ‘a lot of thought has been put into areas like new product development and engaging with customers as well as the community at large.’ Wilde Food fully endorses the last comment having used Walter Rose products for a number of years, during which they have built up a good working relationship with the team.

Nicola Wilde added ‘It means we can request specific cuts and quantities knowing we will get always get not only quality meat, but just what we ordered. When you are running an event this is crucial, and also means one less job to worry about.’

Wilde Food would always recommend that schools and food teachers try out their local meat and vegetable producers. Their prices are often comparable to local supermarkets and their produce tends to be more seasonal. Also, by building a rapport with these businesses, it could lead to advantages like local delivery or bespoke requests. The owners may even be prepared to give a talk in school or let the pupils visit their premises for an educational tour.

So, it may be worth checking the other regional butchers shop winners in the list below to see if there is a Winning Shop near you.

  • Welsh Butcher’s Shop of the Year, Edwards of Conwy
  • Midlands & East of England Butcher’s Shop of the Year , Aubrey Allen, Leamington Spa
  • Scottish Butcher’s Shop of the Year, S Collins & Son, Muirhead
  • Northern Ireland Butcher’s Shop of the Year, K&G McAtamney Butchery & Deli, Ballymena
  • North of England Butcher’s Shop of the Year, J Brindon Addy Butchers, Holmfirth
  • South of England Butcher’s Shop of the Year, Walter Rose & Son, Devizes
  • Halal Butcher’s Shop of the Year, Mullaco Supermarket, Dewsbury
  • Food Hall Butchery Business of the Year, Cranstons Food Hall at Orton Grange, Carlisle
  • New Butchery Business of the Year, The Dorking Butchery
  • Online Butchery Business of the Year, Farmison & Co
  • Farm Shop of the Year, The Gog Farm Shop, Cambridge
  • Young Butcher of the Year, Peter Rushforth, Swan’s Farm Shop, Mold

Not one near you?
Try looking through the following websites who both have listings of approved High St butchers.

Find your local Q Guild Butcher
Find your local National Food and Meat Traders Federation Butcher

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